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Oh yes most definite

By: Arman, Cuba Posted: 2015-07-21


Oh yes most definitely. NH Kystal is next door to Tryp. And you can elasiy hang out at the beach with each other just by walking down the strip and it will only take a few minutes.You all can join up to do parasailing together or any other water sports. As well, talk to your tour rep and see when the day trips will coincide with the other resorts. There is a lot to do there and you can join together. Think about hiring a cab for the day together with your friends and go into town. Or take the Havana day (or two day) trip together. Don\\\'t worry, you\\\'ll for sure be able to enjoy your time together.You\\\'ll enjoy Tryp though. It\\\'s an awesome resort and amazing people that work there.A little sidetip make a request through your travel agent to book a room that is on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Try to avoid the first floor not that they\\\'re bad but sometimes the 1st floor tends to be damper (being right on the beach). The higher up the less damp. And at the resort, kindly request that they honor that request if you didn\\\'t get it right away. It can happen depending on how busy they get. (Maybe a box of chocolates for their efforts will be a kind gesture for them too.)

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