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another great stay

By: gary, Canada Posted: 2014-08-26


was on 5th floor this time, very clean room, 2 balconies
typical Cuba food, no variety, but alot of local places to eat
always had filling breakfast, usually passed on lunch
great weather for 14 days
Usually place has lots of Russians, this time seemped to be full of Quebecers - quite noisy
ask for room overlooking pool - quieter than rooms at front
fabulous people, very clean hotel, great staff

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comfortable, clean

By: gary, Canada Posted: 2012-08-08


had room on 4th floor, overlooking part of pool, only negative I have about the place is the food... typical of most hotels in Cuba. 2nd trip to Varadero, love the people, you are right in the midst of shops,cafes ... read full review

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2nd trip

By: gary, Canada Posted: 2014-02-08


found the hotel much better than last year. Brought my own peanut butter this time ( couldn't find any there ) and face cloth and bathtub stopper. Was on 3rd floor overlooking pool. Very clean room, Food seemed improved. Still ... read full review

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1nd trip.

By: Diana,Anna, Russian Federation Posted: 2014-05-08


location(24.04.14-5.05.14) had room on 6th floor, overlooking part of pool. Very clean room. Good breakfasts, wonderful bread, cakes, buns & ice cream. Nice staff :-) . Сonvenient location. We will be back to you. love cubа. ... read full review

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cheap hotel

By: Janos, Cuba Posted: 2015-03-05


The food was very bad ,toilet not flush ,I don\'t came back this hotel again ... read full review

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